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4 out of 5
Twelve thousand years ago, a tundra environment of lichen, moss, dwarf birch, and Arctic willow existed around the pond. Browsing mastodon and caribou may have drunk from its waters, while saber-toothed tigers, dire wolves, and Paleo Native Americans may have hunted herbivores from the crags above. The climatic warming trend eventually brought the return of boreal spruce and fir forest, then deciduous forest resembling today’s woodlands. This rugged, 4.0-mile loop takes walkers to Terrace Pond, one of the most pristine of New Jersey’s glacial lakes, and provides ample evidence of the Highlands’s glacial past.

A really fantastic and surprisingly challenging hike. I was surprised that nobody has mentioned that the actual trail starts on the opposite side of the road from the 'P-7' parking area which the directions take you to. There were (2!) buses blocking our view from the lot so maybe it would have been obvious otherwise. Two experienced hikers here and we were surprised at the ruggedness of the terrain and a little dubious that it was only 4 miles to go up the yellow trail and back on the blue. A surprising hike in so many ways and a delight. Saw a lot of people doing it in sneakers but there are MANY places where ankle support is a big plus so I'd bring my best boots for sure.


This trail had everything. Lots of challenging parts. Some rock climbing. Some bushwhacking. Parts of the trail looked like not many people went through in a while. Very cool trail. Took 3 hours.


Great trail!! Try starting from the end point and work your way back to your car. It's a bit harder but your not there because it's easy...


A truly exciting and challenging hike for my brother-law and me ( I am almost 60yrs old and he is a little older ). This summer we hiked the Panorama trail in Yosemite. But this was exciting. After the first hour we were commenting that the landscape is beautiful and the trail enjoyable for anyone. Then we came to the Beaver Lodge and heard splashing. Two bear cubs and the mother were running away from us. A little further down the trail we entered a new word into our hiking vocabulary - Scramble. the rock ridges kept coming at us we scrambled over them and finally got to the beautiful Terrace Pond, had lunch and did some more scrambling of rocks. The pipeine was steep and we were getting tired. Then we were startled by a large 6ft black snake slithering off on the side of the trail. It was a very challenging 4 hours with lots of excitement and great hiking


2 45 year ols and 6 kids Ages 5-9. first hike ever. no complaing from the kids. 4 hours end to end loop(4 miles) with a 20 minute break. Did not hike around the lake, just to it.


Really enjoyed this hike! Took my 7 year old boy who is both fit and athletic. I think it was perfect for him, challenging enough to be interesting but not too much for him either. We are new to hiking and after getting a bit confused a couple of weeks ago on a hike at Pyramid Mountain (too many poorly marked trails) I decided to keep it simple stupid and took the blue trail up and back. Plus from the map it seemed to be shorter than the whole loop, though I am not sure if that was a correct assumption. Either way the trail was very well marked and I am sure the loop would have been easy to follow. The blue trail starts in a low land area with remnants of the last glaciation all around. Look for outwash formations called kames and eskers in this area. The trail then intersects with a cleared gas easement which you work your way up until the blue blaze trail continues off to the right. Up here there are several easy rock scrambles and some nice ridge areas with great views, good photo ops. I did not know what puddingstone was before I got there but it became obvious as to what everyone was reffering to as we hiked these ridge tops. There is one cool spot with 3 erratics sitting on this puddingstone ledge. There is a blue blaze marking on one of the boulders. The pond itself is really beautiful. I live maybe a half hour away and I did not think there was anything like this in the area. The pond is set amongst cliffs that rise 100+ feet above it. My son and I stopped at a spot to stop just up from where the white trail picks up from the blue. It was a puddingstone rock ledge high above the pond where we had a snack before heading back. It was a perfect hike that I will definately do again, this time though I will do the whole loop. Saw several families as well as hikers with dogs. A must do hike if your in the area!

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