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4 out of 5
The nearly ten miles of looping single-and doubletrack inside this city park offer trails for ever class of off-road biker: beginner, intermediate, and expert. In addition to hosting sanctioned races on a seasonal schedule, the track sees many local bikers on a daily basis. This trail wins the award for "Most Difficult Close to the Sea." The ride travels near the Atlantic for approximately a mile of beach riding, and the expanse of blue contrasts to the compact canopy of green.
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Only my second time trail riding in Florida. Spent numerous trips biking in Washington/Idaho. Hanna Park definitely has some great technical trails. Like other riders noted, watch out for the many roots stretching the ground as these beat your tires and rims into submission. Long sleeve shirt and mosquito spray a must. The provided trail maps are terrible! Just get out and ride. You won't get bored!

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Some of the trail is great to ride fast and lean into the turns and some is really technical

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The trails themselves were both thrilling and not so hard to follow. Its important to remember that lots of roots are exposed and I had a pretty big crash over a fallen tree. The trail maps you include are pretty hard to follow...hard to tell what is beginner and what is advanced, so we just went all over. The trails are not well marked at intersections, so on the first trip, without a compass its hard to navigate and get back to paved surfaces if you need to get a bandage!! The beaches are beautiful and not crowded...I loved relaxing while my husband took a spin on the to us (biking on the beach).

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I rated this low b/c I ride here so much I'm bored. I live 1 mile away. If you're in the area it is the best all-around place within 60 miles by far. Fort Clinch in Amelia Island is another good trail that has faster runs but not as technical and only one trail option. It's also at the beach. Westside regional park is flat, smooth and twisty except for a small area with some jumps Back to Hannah. If you're an above average rider I recommend starting on the north side and follow the signs for the E line route. EXCEPT When the trail takes you almost to the road at a 3 way stop exit the trail and follow the road to the beach (go about 40 yards). Before you get to Dolphin Plaza take a left. Almost immediately you'll see a hill with several routes up and down it. Ride up the route with the railroad tie stairs. From here you can take one of three drops down or continue across the ridge down or round some railroad tie stairs. (there's also trails that take you to the Beach. STAY OFF THE DUNES. EROSION IS A HUGE PROBLEM HERE some of the trails are just meant to show you a great view). you'll then come to a fork. you could go left or right because it's a loop. I always go up the hill to the right. It's a short climb. At the end of it you have to duck under a limb. Then a good descent (by Florida standards). You're back at the fork. After a climb you have many drop options. Choose your line knowing you'll have to make a left turn in sand at the bottom unless you go down the way you came up or the first fork to the right. This section is maybe .75 mile but worth it. DON'T OVER USE YOUR BRAKES AND SLIDE DOWN THE SANDY DROPS. IT RUINS THE DROP FOR THOSE WHO CAN HANDLE IT. Apparently I reached the character limit I may finish the rest of the park later.

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It was a fun ride, but I didn't find it "that" challenging. Starts off easy, and gets more technical. It's Florida so there are no real hills. Lots of roots. Also found a section that apparently hasn't be used in awhile; the trail was mostly grown-over.

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Definitely THE best trail in Jacksonville city limits. Tough switchbacks, tight single track, and water hazards. Fun outting for a morning or a day if you like to have picnics under one of the shelters. Beach is right there too. Camping is quiet and semi secluded for car camping. Stamina builder for sure....Take lots of H2O!!!

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Hanna Park is an excellent place to ride and camp. I love to camp the weekend there. Night rides are my favorite. And when you are finished, just ride on in to your camp site and crash... get up and eat and ride again. Great place to take a date or friend.

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WOW! What a great time. There are trails of various levels. My favorite was the Misery. Misery love company. This was a twisty/turny trail with drop-offs and all of the amenities to make it exciting. The downside of the trip was the fact that many recreational riders would happen upon the trail interfering with the adrenaline rush.

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Good Trail description. Hanna does have all levels to challenge anyone. Roots, tight turns-trees so close you wonder if your bike will fit through, bridge crossings, and some small hills(it is flat Florida). Nice clean park with all the amenities. Drawback-Mosquitos are numerous and hungry in the summer.

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Two days after a good hard rain the trail is extremely fast. Lots of new added trails wich test all levels of skill (I know, I have the bumps and bruises to prove it) I love this trail, but you still have to watch those endo's. They are always waiting for you.

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