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4 out of 5
Previously part of the ride known as Rich Mountain, the Stanley Gap Trail is a wonderful stretch of pure Georgia mountain singletrack. The trail shares part of its length with the Benton-MacKaye Trail, one of the best hiking trails in the Southeast. After the steep, rooty initial climb, you will find yourself on a stretch of narrow singletrack cut into the steep side of the mountain. At an elevation of 3,365 feet, you’re near the peak of Rocky Mountain, the high point of the ride (this is one of the higher rides in the state). The views from the ridges make the first climbs worth the effort. If you have underdressed for cold weather, you’ll feel it here. The Benton-MacKaye Trail leaves the bike trail near this point. The narrow singletrack along the higher ridges keeps your attention focused on the trail while the scenery in any season tempts you to gaze into the distance. Just past Rocky Mountain, a saddleback ridge offers a nice area for a break, with plenty of great views. Tread: 5 miles on singletrack, some on old roadbed.
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Walked the trail with my wife and German Shepherd. Nice mix of inclines and flat areas. Easy on dogs feet. Great vistas from many points and not too many people along the way.

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