Photos of Newfields Rail Trail

Newfields, New Hampshire

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4 out of 5
A long and easy ride across southern New Hampshire on a converted railroad bed. The Newfields Rail-Trail is typical rail-trail fare: easy, level riding past towns and through forests. At 26.0 miles one-way, it is a long ride, but the good riding surface means it can be completed in only three or four hours if you spot a car at each end. At times the scenery is less than appealing—you cross many roads and pass through developed areas—but you are rewarded with long stretches passing through oak-hickory forests and along lakes and beaver ponds. These wilder settings provide opportunities to spot wildlife such as great blue herons, white-tailed deer, and wild turkeys. You will also experience the less-wild excitement of riding under some of the busier roads and through metal culverts.