Photos of Aravaipa Canyon

Mammoth, Arizona

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A wilderness route through Aravaipa Canyon. Aravaipa Canyon is ranked among the great scenic wonders of the state of Arizona. Here, the rushing waters of Aravaipa Creek cut through volcanic stone as the Galiuro Mountains rose around it. The erosion of the water cut faster than the land rose, and the result was a steep-walled canyon chiseled through the heart of the mountains. Vanished tribes left cliff dwellings and cave paintings here, and later this rocky channel was an important travel corridor for the Aravaipa Apaches, who were among the last of their tribe to submit to reservations. A permanent stream runs through the canyon, forming one of the last wetland ecosystems in Arizona. One of the healthiest desert bighorn populations in the state roams these canyon walls. Because of its rare species and wild character, Aravaipa Canyon is now protected under the Wilderness Act, which forbids motor travel in the canyon.

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