Trails Near West Maui Forest Reserve - Maui County, HI


Latitude: 20.825
Longitude: -156.59722

Nearest City
Olowalu, HI (1.8 miles away)

West Maui Forest Reserve, a park located in Maui County, Hawaii. Topo map of lat 20.8250 and long -156.5972. Topo maps, latitude and longitude coordinates, and address for West Maui Forest Reserve.

Nearby Trails

  • Olowalu Petroglyphs
    The Olowalu Petroglyphs are ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs (images chiseled into the rock surface) depicting humans and animals. The 300-year-old stone carvings are engraved into the face…

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  • Lahaina Pali Trail from the Ukumehame (West) Trailhead
    The Lahaina Pali Trail is an old Hawaiian horse and foot trail built in the early 1800s. The trail was used as a more direct route across the arid southern slopes of the West Maui Mount…

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  • Launiupoki - Maui
    Like Waikiki, Launiupoko is one of the great fun beginner spots—easy, well lined up, and fun. A must-surf spot both for fun and to appreciate its history. This is one of Maui’s traditio…

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    Trails in Lahaina, HI - Surfing

  • Kapilau Ridge Trail to Wailuku Cross
    Kapilau Ridge, at the west end of Wailuku, separates the Iao Valley from the Waikapu Valley. This ridge trail is a short, steep unmaintained footpath directly up the ridge to a large wo…

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  • Puamana Park - Maui
    Puamana Park: summer surf, sunset and barbecues, longboarding heaven, and a neat small-wave spot for most of the year. It breaks off a line of reef 200 yards out and goes very shallow a…

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  • 'Iao Needle
    This hike takes you into the misty green forest at the western end of the island to one of Maui’s most famous landmarks. ’Iao Needle is a lava spire thrusting up out of the dense, damp …

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    Trails in Wailuku, HI - Hiking - 1 miles long

  • Iao Needle Overlook and Botanical Garden, Iao Valley State Park
    Iao Valley, an ancient sacred site and spiritual center, sits in a rich green chasm in the West Maui Mountains above the town of Wailuku. The six-acre state park is home of Kukaemoku, c…

    From the guidebook Day Hikes on Maui

    Trails in Wailuku, HI - Hiking - 0.6 miles long

  • Iao Valley
    Central Maui’s most popular tourist stop, this state park offers exhilarating views of Iao Needle against a painterly backdrop of the West Maui Mountains, often veiled by rain clouds an…

    From the guidebook Top Trails Maui: Must-Do Hikes for Everyone

    Trails in Wailuku, HI - Hiking - 0.6 miles long

  • Kepaniwai Park and Heritage Gardens
    This walk follows a lovely winding path through gardens, ceremonial structures, and statuary celebrating the various cultures that have been stirred into the melting pot of presentday H…

    From the guidebook Best Easy Day Hikes: Hawaii: Maui

    Trails in Wailuku, HI - Hiking - 0.5 miles long

  • Ma`alaea Pipeline - Maui
    Found in Ma`alaea Bay on the west coast of Maui, Ma`alaea Pipeline is known as one of the fastest waves in the world. This reef-break right-hander works in a south swell and is the hair…

    From the guidebook Surfing Hawaii

    Trails in Wailuku, HI - Surfing

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