Trails Near Rocky Butte State Park - Multnomah County, OR


Latitude: 45.5429
Longitude: -122.5637

Nearest City
Maywood Park, OR (0.5 miles away)

Rocky Butte State Park, a park located in Multnomah County, Oregon. Topo map of lat 45.5429 and long -122.5637. Topo maps, latitude and longitude coordinates, and address for Rocky Butte State Park.

Nearby Trails

  • I-205 Pathway to Rocky Butte Trail
    This route features gnarly singletrack, dirt road, paved bike path, and a few short road sections. Starting at the end of NE Pacific Street, get on the I-205 corridor path and head to y…

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  • Rocky Butte Grotto Trail Run
    Rocky Butte has a rich geological history. This route enables you to experience that history through many buildings and vantage points, as well as at the visitor center in the Grotto. T…

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  • Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park
    The Lumberyard is the Northwest’s premier indoor bike park. And while you might not be able to enjoy the outdoor aspects of biking in an indoor park, sometimes warm and dry trumps wet a…

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  • Northeast Portland Neighborhood Loop
    This short route takes you through the quiet neighborhoods of Northeast Portland, including the historic Alameda District, which has century- old homes with beautiful architecture. Th…

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  • The Grotto
    Only five minutes from Portland International Airport, this 62-acre Roman Catholic sanctuary, founded by the Servites, is a peaceful retreat from the bustle of modern life. Take a leisu…

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  • Columbia River: Middle Columbia Slough
    This section of the Columbia Slough stretches from Northeast 143rd to Northeast 18th Avenues, a total of 125 blocks, or about 8 miles. Although this trip is in the midst of a major urba…

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  • Montavilla
    This up-and-coming little neighborhood, whose name is short for “Mt. Tabor Villa,” has come a long way in recent years. Not too long ago it was at best neglected, at worst avoided, or e…

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  • Fremont to Williams
    This walk starts at a lovely cemetery on top of a hill, then makes its way down the hill through various little hubs of commercial activity, most of which have sprung up fairly recently…

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  • Southeast Salmoncourt
    Southeast Salmoncourt is a hiking and biking trail in Portland, Oregon. It is 19 feet long and begins at 258 feet altitude. Traveling the entire trail is 0.0 miles with a total elevatio…

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  • Upper Sandy
    Let’s be up front about this: walking along Sandy Boulevard is unusual, unless you happen to work at one of a very limited number of occupations. It’s not a street whose atmosphere is c…

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