Trails Near Jump Off Joe - Benton County, WA


Latitude: 46.10347
Longitude: -119.13001

Nearest City
Kennewick, WA (5.9 miles away)

Jump Off Joe, a summit located in Benton County, Washington. Topo map of lat 46.1035 and long -119.1300. Topo maps, latitude and longitude coordinates, and address for Jump Off Joe.

Nearby Trails

  • Kennewick-Clodfelter Road Loop
    From deep in the heart of the bustling TriCities, this 45-miler heads up into the Horse Heaven Hills south of town, where the tra?c is just about nil and the treeless views across endle…

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    Trails in Richland, WA - Road Biking - 45.9 miles long

  • Sacajawea Heritage Trail
    Sacajawea Heritage Trail is a hiking and biking trail in Pasco, Washington. It is 0.4 miles long and begins at 358 feet altitude. Traveling the entire trail is 0.8 miles with a total el…

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    Trails in Pasco, WA - Mountain Biking, Road Biking - 0.4 miles long

  • Burbank Slough Wildlife Trail
    Be sure to grab a pamphlet at the parking lot kiosk before you start exploring. You may want to snoop around the environmental education center too, before taking to the trail. Opened i…

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    Trails in Burbank, WA - Hiking - 2.8 miles long

  • McNary National Wildlife Refuge
    The McNary National Wildlife Refuge is primarily a waterfowl preserve. The refuge encompasses many flooded fields, sloughs, and inlets along the Columbia River. It also sprawls across f…

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    Trails in Pasco, WA - Birding, Hiking - 2 miles long

  • Hood Park
    This easy-access campground on the Snake River has all the amenities and is just over a mile from the Snake’s confluence with the Columbia. It is well developed and offers good access t…

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    Trails in Pasco, WA - Campgrounds

  • Amon Basin
    From the east end of the parking lot, follow the blocked roadway south, quickly coming to a junction. You’ll be heading right on the wide trail into the 100-acre Amon Basin Nature Prese…

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    Trails in Badger Mountain, WA - Hiking - 2.3 miles long

  • Twin Sisters Rock
    Twin Sisters are two pillars of basalt that jut from the cliffs along Wallula Gap overlooking the Columbia River. Geologists say the rock formation is the result of erosion from a great…

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    Trails in Pasco, WA - Hiking - 1 miles long

  • Bateman Island
    Before dropping 20 feet down the riverbank to Bateman Island, read the informative sign at the Wye Park parking lot. There’s a lot of history and birdlife waiting for you on that small …

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    Trails in Island View, WA - Hiking - 2.4 miles long

  • Wallula Habitat Management Unit
    This is a lonely area of the Walla Walla River Delta, where the Walla Walla River empties into the Columbia River. The waters here are flat and slow moving, creating great habitat for a…

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    Trails in Pasco, WA - Hiking - 6 miles long

  • Wallula Road
    Wallula Road is a hiking, biking, and horse trail in Umatilla County, Oregon. It is within McNary National Wildlife Refuge. It is 6.4 miles long and begins at 1,575 feet altitude. Trave…

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    Trails in McNary National Wildlife Refuge, OR - Hiking, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Road Biking, Trail Running, Walking - 6.4 miles long

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