Trails Near Black Mountain - Orange County, NY


Latitude: 41.28426
Longitude: -74.04098

Nearest City
Baileytown, NY (1.2 miles away)

Black Mountain, a summit located in Orange County, New York. Topo map of lat 41.2843 and long -74.0410. Topo maps, latitude and longitude coordinates, and address for Black Mountain.

Nearby Trails

  • Central Park
    Marvel at how wild and secluded Harriman State Park feels, with almost 50,000 acres of forestland, all within an hour of New York City. Backpackers will find nearly limitless opportunit…

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  • Silvermine Lake to Black Mountain Trail
    From the base at Silvermine Lake to the peaks of Black Mountain, this 6.5-mile loop hike offers a bit of everything for hikers and their trail companions. Dug by the Civilian Conservati…

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    Trails in Baileytown, NY - Hiking - 6.5 miles long

  • Bear Mountain Doodletown Circuit
    High country meadows, distant vistas, rugged mountain climbs, and the overgrown ruins of an old village are among the many highlights of this tiring yet delightful calorie-burner of a h…

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  • Silver Mine Lake
    Though long and challenging, this balloon hike is worth the effort for the exceptional views it offers as well as the beautiful country it traverses in the eastern part of H…

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  • West Mountain Loop
    The hike along the crest of West Mountain out to the West Mountain Shelter is quite popular for several reasons: The ascent of West Mountain along the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) is not es…

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  • Bear Mountain
    This pretty hike from the famous Bear Mountain Inn in the state park along Hessian Lake goes to Perkins Memorial Tower and its 360-degree views and descends on the Appalachian Trail.

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  • Harriman State Park—Long Mountain
    Pay tribute to one of the legends of New York–area hiking at this spectacular, yet accessible, viewpoint on the Long Path in northern Harriman State Park. areas north of Route 6 have re…

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  • Bear Mountain Zoo and Bridge
    A great hike with the kids, this trek begins near the inn at Bear Mountain State Park, follows the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) on the paved path along Hessian Lake, and then goes underneat…

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  • Hessian Lake and Fort Montgomery State Historic Site
    This easy hike winds through a park and a zoo, around a lake, and through a Revolutionary War site adjacent to the Hudson River.

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  • Shenandoah Mountain to Bear Mountain Inn
    At the start of this two-day traverse, you will cross Shenandoah Mountain, which affords good views from the summit. You will also pass a particularly nice view of Canopus Lake. As you …

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Black Mountain Photos

courtesy of Google Images

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