Best Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing in Tennessee

This list represents the most popular whitewater kayaking & canoeing in Tennessee. Use this list to plan your next Tennessee whitewater kayaking & canoeing trip. Select a state and/or activity below to find even more top trails.

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#1. Hiwassee River, Tennessee

Georgia’s Hiawassee River leaves the state headed north, cuts across the foot of a couple of North Carolina peaks, and plunges into Tennessee via an underground tunnel that diverts all of the river’s…
From the guidebook "Canoeing and Kayaking Georgia"
Reliance, TN - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - 5.5 miles BestWhitewater Kayaking & Canoeing Trail - Click to view all (About Top Trails)
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#2. Ocoee River, Tennessee

The Ocoee is arguably the most popular whitewater run in the Southeast. Its rollicking style and nonstop action are irresistible. Reliable releases create endless opportunities to re?ne moves, attempt…
From the guidebook "Canoeing and Kayaking Georgia"
Copperhill, TN - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - 5 miles
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#3. Nolichucky River: National Forest Service Put-In at Poplar, North Carloina to TN 67 Bridge

Below the confluence of the Toe and Cane Rivers the Nolichucky is born—not as a small, gurgling trickle but as a full-grown, boisterous, fast-flowing river. Down from Poplar the river enters Cherokee…
From the guidebook "Carolina Whitewater: A Paddler's Guide to the Western Carolinas"
Erwin, TN - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - 23.3 miles
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#4. Big South Fork Gorge of the Cumberland River (Tennessee): Burnt Mill Bridge to Leatherwood Ford

The Big South Fork Gorge is part of the headwaters of the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. Although situated entirely in Tennessee, it is worth including in this guide because it is a very popu…
From the guidebook "A Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to Kentucky"
New Haven, TN - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - 10.6 miles
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