Pukaskwa National Park Trails Topo Map

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Part of the mystique of Pukaskwa National Park comes from its location on the shores of Lake Superior, the largest by surface area–and possibly coldest– freshwater lake in the world. The lake’s average temperature is so cold–4ºC (39ºF)–that Arctic plants thrive along its coast. This unpredictable swelling sea has a reputation for storms that make its waves powerful enough to sink grand ships like the Edmund Fitzgerald among many others. Even when calm, Lake Superior can be terrifying, with varied currents and swells capable of influencing coastal rivers. Pukaskwa National Park has been protecting 1,878 km² (725 sq mi) of territory since 1978. The park includes 14 watersheds, five different rivers that run their full course here, from beginning to end, parts of three other rivers, more than 950 lakes and Tip Top Mountain, the fifth highest in Ontario. A wonderful backcountry trail, and three short walks enable visitors to explore some of the mysteries of Pukaskwa for themselves. This trail guide includes Beach Trail, Southern Headland Trail, Halfway Lake Trail, and Coastal Hiking Trail.

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