Ouimet Canyon Provincial Nature Reserve Trails Topo Map

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Over the last billion years, wind, rain and glacial ice have hardened magma into rock and then chiselled and gouged a gorge 150km (93mi) wide and 100m (90ft) deep into the north shore of Lake Superior, near Canadian Pacific’s now abandoned Ouimet Rail Station. The result is a wonder. Vertical fissures in the rock ensure that the sides of Ouimet Canyon remain vertical even as rocks drop away to the floor. Thanks to a limited amount of sunlight, lots of moss cover and cold air, Arctic and Subarctic plants grow on the canyon floor. The surrounding forest is a mixed deciduous conifer forest, typical of an extensive vegetation zone north of Lake Superior. Look from the trail for snowberries, red moccasin flower orchid, blue bead lily and the calypso orchid. This trail guide includes Ouimet Canyon Trail, The Marsh Trail, and Welburne Lake Trail.

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