Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park Trails Topo Map

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Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park has protected one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the north since 1954. The falls are 71m (234ft) wide and drop 39m (128ft) from the Kaministiquia River into a gorge where fossils as old as 1.6 billion years have been found. Other than the nickname “Niagara of the North,” these falls share some similarities with their southern cousins. Both are absolute must-sees. Both are controlled by Ontario Hydro to appear more impressive on holidays and weekends. Both have an ancient history depicted in Ojibway oral tradition. Kakabeka Falls’ legend is that of Greenmantle, a 17-year old woman who led Sioux captors to their deaths over the falls, although no one seems to know whether Greenmantle swam safely to shore or if her spirit still floats about the “thundering water.” That’s where the similarities end. Kakabeka Falls has a much more rustic setting than its southern version. This trail guide includes Kakabeka Falls Boardwalk, Contact Trail, Poplar Point (Circle Trail), Mountain Portage Trail, Little Falls Trail, Beaver Meadows Trail, and River Terrace Loop.

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