Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass Topo Map

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Wenkchemna Pass is a long (10.4 km, 730 m height gain), arduous hike through some of the most glorious mountain scenery anywhere. If you prefer an easier trip, go only as far as Eiffel Lake, a delightful 6 km-long (370 m height gain) hike. You see Moraine and Eiffel lakes and all Ten Peaks from high elevation. At Wenkchemna Pass, the remarkable rock towers below are called the Eagle’s Eyrie. Walter Wilcox, one of the first men to hike it, considered this trail, “possibly the most spectacular and inspiring in the mountains.” He was intrigued by the variegated rock colours of the barren upper (Desolation) valley. “Limestones of every conceivable shade from pure white through salmon-pink, mauve, and purple, to almost ebony black; shales and sandstones, green gray, or stained orange and red by iron, are overgrown and ornamented in strange Oriental designs by many colored lichens.”

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