Saddleback Loop Topo Map

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The Saddleback circuit takes you from Lake Louise to a scenic pass studded with majestic alpine larches, and then down through Sheol Valley to Paradise Valley, returning to Lake Louise by a forested trail. You can shorten the trip by going only to the Saddleback (3.7 km, 2.3 hours return), the highlight of the circuit, featuring a sublime view of the glaciated north face of Mt. Temple. From the Saddleback, you can scramble up the steep (loose stones on the path) trail to Fairview Mtn. (1.3 km, 400 m above the Saddleback), with outstanding views of the Lake Louise cirque, or the easier but fainter trail up Saddle Mountain (0.8 km, 90 m above the Saddleback), with spectacular views of Paradise Valley. Marmots and pikas frequent the Saddleback. currently offers topo maps from the entire United States. We plan to expand our topomap database in the future, however this map is not available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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