Tunnel Mountain Topo Map

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Connoisseurs of mountain beauty have a deep affection for Tunnel Mountain. James Outram recommended this walk, commenting, “the view will never be forgotten.” He went up Tunnel in 1900, his first climb in the Rockies. A year later, he made the first ascent of Mt. Assiniboine. Thus in one year, Outram became the first man to climb both the highest and perhaps the lowest summits in Banff Park. Most of the grade is easy-to-moderate; there are a few short-steep sections, especially near the trailhead. This is a walk for all seasons. So many people now do this trip from the Banff Centre in winter, that the trail is usually packed. The west-facing slope at the start loses snow early, so except for a few weeks when the path is icy this trail makes a great spring training climb to get in shape for longer trips. On a hot summer day, this trail with cool shady sections and scenic openings provides delightful hiking. Be wary of the sheer cliffs near the summit ridge, especially if the trail is icy.

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