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4 out of 5
Basically, this trail runs parallel to Powderface Trail the highway as far as Canyon Creek, connecting Little Elbow Recreation Area to the trails in the Jumpingpound, The name is misleading. For the most part it is NOT the easy valley trail you think it is. It is, in fact, quite strenuous. Clearly, loops can be made, though if you're daft enough to try the obvious one with Powderface Ridge be sure to pack a spare pair of legs for a total height gain exceeding 1000 m. The geology is interesting. "A line of round green hills" is how geologist D. D. Cairnes described the eight hills below Nihahi Ridge and the two below Compression Ridge in 1905. Apparently, water running off the eastern escarpment cut down through bands of soft shale (valleys), leaving between them hills of erosion resistant cardium sandstones.
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