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In Stoney, Prairie Creek is variously named Sna Wapta (Prairie Creek), Chuteja Ozaden Waptan (Evergreen Point Forks Creek), Ozade Waptan (Forks Creek) and Sna Ozade Waptan (Prairie Forks Creek). Possibly it was named for the meadows at the west end of the valley. It is rather puzzling that early 20th Century Geological Survey bulletins referred to it as Prairie Chicken Creek, perhaps after the Sharp-tailed grouse, but more likely after one of our mountain grouse, named by someone who "didn't know their birds". Relatively few people follow this trail from highway to highway and so never get to see the prairie. The vast majority start from Highway 66 and either make a loop with Prairie Link and Powderface Creek trails or take a stroll to the 2.5 km mark where the creek is closeted in a most unprairie-like canyon.
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