Moose Mountain normal route Topo Map

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This is the mountain you fly over en route to Vancouver. From 13,000 ft. its geological complexity becomes clear. How it is the apex of a major structural feature called the Moose Mountain Dome, an inlay of pale grey Paleozoic limestone surrounded by sandstone rocks of a more recent age covered in trees. And how water eating into the limestone of the dome has carved out such fabulously deep valleys like Canyon and Moose Dome. Although of comparatively low altitude, it has all the characteristics of a Front Range peak: sharp ridges, cirques and talus slopes. I'm convinced this was the mountain noticed by Thomas Blakiston of the Palliser Expedition when traveling the Stoney trail between the Jumpingpound and Bragg Creek in 1858. He called it "The Family" for obvious reasons. Fast forwarding, the summit has been topped with a fire lookout since 1929.
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