Death Valley Topo Map

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Although an important link between the Sheep River and Threepoint Creek trail systems, 90 per cent of people use it to make loops with Windy Point, Sheep or Foran Grade Ridge trails. Though the terrain couldn't be easier, go when the ground is bone dry. Anything less and you'll spend more time figuring out how to dodge mud than paying attention to your surroundings which, though lacking the drama of crags and steep slopes, have the friendly charm of meadows and aspen woodlands. The name, therefore, is intriguing, and why this particular valley should be the site of several deaths and disappearances right up to the present day is a huge mystery. Rumour has it a band of horses died in the valley in the 1800s during a bad winter. It's known the creek used to be called "Sinnot" after Harry Sinnot who homesteaded near the confluence with Ware Creek and that he died mysteriously during a Christmas Eve fire, not in Death Valley unfortunately for our story, but in a little shack on Whiskey Row north of Turner Valley. The most likely explanation for the name arises from the finding of a skeleton believed to be that of a trapper who had gone into the valley some years earlier and disappeared. The body was respectfully buried where it was found and the skull taken back to the Fisher Ranch where it was placed on a fence post and used as a football.
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