Grass Pass to Trap Creek Topo Map

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If you love meadows and Limber pines, this is the walk for you. Raked by warm Chinook winds, grassy Grass Pass is a popular choice for the short days of early spring and late fall. In summer with longer daylight hours I would extend the walk, either onto the Bull Creek Hills or connect up with Gunnery Creek to make a loop. Following the road closure through crown land, this old exploration road is now the preferred route into Trap Creek with its own host of ongoing options. The lovely south fork of Trap Creek was named after Harry Wileman, a Montgomery type as described by Patterson, who was ranger at the Sentinel Ranger Station during the fires of 1936. Tragically, he died on the job in 1943 after an accident with a runaway team of horses. Although the fires devastated most of the Highwood Valley, Trap Creek and adjoining Sullivan Creek, somehow this valley remained largely unscathed. The spruce trees still grow tall here.
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