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Keep straight, following the flagging. The road climbs gradually past a sawmill site to right and seemingly ends in the bog of a Stony Creek tributary. A trail carries on in a dead straight line across the waterlogged ground. Step over two rotting trees, balance precariously over rocks and corduroy, finally jumping the tiny creek. So what if your feet are wet from getting off route to look at Round-leaved orchids? On the far bank in aspen forest a trail heads upstream above the creek, now incised between grassy banks. Watch for where it turns right in road mode paved in long grass. Reaching meadows, it zigs left, right, left again, then apparently ends in some trees at a T-junction with a trail. Turn right, following the trail into more meadow. To your right, across a grassy draw is a grassy ridge at GR670860, a mere five minutes away and a fabulous viewpoint for your objective and Junction Hill which looks amazingly steep from this side. Farther to the right you look down into Stony Creek and across at the grey sides of Mt. Head and Holy Cross Mountain. End the trip here, if you like, lolling around squashing Silky lupines and geraniums.
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