Hailstone Butte Lookout from The Hump Topo Map

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Hailstone Butte is a high grassy ridge, more often than not raked by west winds moving at Mach 2. Quite apart from the two hugely different routes presented here, there are other ways up sans trails. Such as the south ridge route which can be added to A to make a loop. Personally, I'm rather fond of the rocky east ridge from Johnson Creek, which offers glimpses into Johnson Creek's colourful canyon. Distance 1.5 km, height gain 336 m. The quick and dirty route for hikers who can handle a little easy scrambling. Incredibly, the graduating grade 4 class from Nanton Elementary came up this way for 10 years, bearing poems and drawings for the lookout, the teacher being none other than "panorama" Dave Birrell.
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