Hai Ling Peak Chinaman's Peak Topo Map

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Originally it was called `The Beehive'. Then in 1896, Ha Ling, a Chinese cook working in the Oskaloosa Hotel in Canmore, was bet 50 dollars he couldn't climb up and down within 10 hours. Starting at seven on a Saturday morning with a small flag to place on the summit, he was back in time for lunch. No one believed him. They couldn't spot the flag. So on Sunday Ha Ling led a group of doubters to the top and next to the original flag "proudly flapping in the breeze" set up a 12 foot-high flag pole with a scarlet six-foot square flag that could be seen with the naked eye from Canmore. "As the peak has no name let it hence forth be called Ha Ling Peak in honour of his daring intrepidity". It wasn't, and the name `Chinaman's' has since come in for a drubbing by a Calgary lawyer of Chinese descent.

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