Hoodoo Creek Topo Map

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The broad gravel wash that is Hoodoo Creek leads up into an ever-narrowing ravine. Although a 1966 Calgary Power map calls this stream Bear Creek, it is an impressive pair of hoodoos that give this creek its name. Hoodoos are not the only geological phenomenon along this hike. For the spelunker in all of us, there is a shallow cave above the hoodoos that invites a visit. There is no discernible trail up the wide, stony and apparently dry creekbed, so pick your way upstream as best you can. On a cloudless summer day the sun’s rays bouncing off the rocks can make this a very hot hike and if you haven’t filled your water bottle you may be concerned. But don’t worry; within a kilometre the stream reemerges to flow through a gorge, giving you plenty of opportunity to replenish your canteen.

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