Yarrow Canyon Topo Map

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Yarrow Canyon-it's an exciting name that conjures up images of hidden treasures and secret places. From an inauspicious beginning on a gravel road leading to a gas compressor station, to its terminus at the foot of an alpine waterfall, Yarrow Canyon is full of beautiful places. The scenery is typical of the southern Rockies; the flat-lying strata are very colourful with the steel blue basalts of the Purcell lava flow surrounded by red and green argillites. In addition many of the cliffs are covered by lush plant growth induced by high rainfall. Unfortunately, you will have to share it with the rude sounds of the gas compressor and with a bunch of rambunctious cows. The gate at the start of the trip brings good news: motorized traffic is restricted beyond this point. A short stretch of gravel road leads past the gate to the gas wells and compressor station. Beyond the wells the trail is doubletrack and singletrack riding all the way to the head of the valley. There are no fords—that’s right folks, it’s a dry-feet trip and the trail surface is gravel and rock, unlikely to become muddy in any weather. The trail climbs steadily but, with only a few steep sections, pushing is minimal. It then wanders along the timberline, passes a small lake, and ends at a camping spot beside a beautiful waterfall.

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