Kanaka Creek Topo Map

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From its beginnings on Blue Mountain, this typical west-coast stream gathers force as it tumbles down the forested slopes to carve its way between sandstone cliffs and plunge into a deep canyon. Then, playfulness over, it wanders through farmland and marsh to lose itself in the Fraser River. At present, much of the 12-km (7-mile) waterway is closed to the public, but it is intended that the creek be preserved as a linear park, with a trail linking Riverfront Park at the estuary to Cliff Falls and the existing Blue Mountain trail system. To see Kanaka Creek at its liveliest you should go in spring or after heavy rainfall, when white water cascades over the rocky ledges and dances among the holes and fissures. But the summer visitor is rewarded too, for when the flow has subsided, the sculptured bedrock of the river is exposed, bearing witness to the work of centuries of rolling boulders pounding into the soft sandstone. Coal seams occur in the walls of the canyon, and fossil beds indicate that this region once basked in a tropical climate. Highlights: Woodland and canyon; waterfalls, sculptured sandstone; maidenhair ferns, foamflower; American dipper; tailed frogs. Terrain: Some ups and downs. Good woodland paths and equestrian trails.

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