Miscou Island "Circumnavigating Miscou" Topo Map

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At the northeasterly tip of New Brunswick between the Bay of Chaleur and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, lies Miscou Island, 8 km (5 mi) wide by 13 km (8 mi) long. The island is rimmed by sandy beaches that enclose one main road and many peat bogs and lagoons. Twenty-six types of wild berries grow on the island, drawing over 250 recorded bird species. For centuries, approximately 600 English and French residents have lived side by side on Miscou, making a living from a once vibrant fishery. Today, it is better known as a tourist destination for bird watching, boating, bass fishing, and beachcombing. For sea kayakers, Miscou Island poses two main concerns: the lack of take-out points on the boggy northeastern shore, and an entire east coast exposed to the windy Gulf of St. Lawrence. The highest point on the entire island is a mere 6 m (20 ft) above sea level, leaving few places to shelter, other than in the lee of shifting sand dunes. Since the interior consists almost entirely of bogs, lakes and bays, escape routes must be carefully planned. ‚ÄúCircumnavigating Miscou‚ÄĚ describes three days spent paddling completely around the island in the company of a kayaking friend. While a forced landing made us intimately familiar with one stretch of sand and marram grasses, it also taught me to evaluate my skills more carefully and plan accordingly, especially in unfamiliar waters.

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