Fairmont Ridge Topo Map

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The Fairmont Ridge Hiking Trail System, constructed by the Antigonish Hiking and Biking Trails Association, will appeal to both experienced hikers and a family of novices. Within its compact boundaries can be found lakes, fields, beaver dams, eagle nests, steep climbs, deep ravines, and mature woods. Those desiring a good trek will “enjoy” the 370 m (1200 ft) of climb over the full hike. Less experienced outdoors people will appreciate that there is a map sign found at every trail junction, and that you are never more than 800 m/yd from any one of them. Ascending from the peaceful waters of Antigonish Harbour, Fairmont Ridge offers great vistas of Antigonish Harbour, St. Georges Bay, and Cape Breton Island from numerous locations along the route. Many options are available with this maze design of trail network. The hike I outline is created by taking the right-hand path at every trail intersection.

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