Taylor Head Provincial Park Topo Map

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This is a wonderful spot to hike for several reasons. With more than 18 km (11.25 mi) of walking possible, avid trekkers should be able to enjoy a challenging excursion. Because of the layout of the trails, radiating out from a central starting point, several shorter distances are possible for the less ambitious. Finally, the place is simply gorgeous! Situated on the rugged eastern shore, Taylor Head is a rocky finger projecting 6.5 km (4 mi) into the Atlantic Ocean. Encompassing more than 16 km (10 mi) of coastline, including more than 1 km (.6 mi) of magnificent white-sand beach, the headland is littered with glacial erratics deposited throughout the peninsula. Taylor Head was granted to Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution. The poor soil was insufficient to support the arrivals. Consequently, like most Nova Scotia settlements, they depended upon a mixture of fishing, farming, and lumbering to survive. A cemetery near the trailhead contains the graves of members of some of the original families.

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