Buhl Creek Skookumchuck Hot Springs Topo Map

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Warm pools in a remote and scenic valley near a dirt road. Swimwear superfluous. Buhl Creek has a cluster of small, shallow pools plus one much larger one, actually a warm pond. At the time tested, none were very hot, ranging from 87 to 92 degrees F/30.5 to 33.3 degrees C. Some of the pools lie along the creek and submerge during spring runoff. Other pools border the pond. The nicest pools can be found just upstream from the old bridge abutment. Warm water seeps in and around the whole area, and the temperature is said to rise as the creek level recedes over the summer months. The setting is a small open meadow bordered by wooded slopes. The tiny camp (two sites) is a pleasant spot to rest between soaks.

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