Ahousat Flores Island Warm Spring Topo Map

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A muddy stroll to a thermal pool on an island, not far from Hot Springs Cove. Swimwear recommended. A concrete swimming pool, 8 by 20 feet and 4 feet deep/2.4 by 6 by 1.2 m, collects the flow. The pool has a magnificent setting on a beach at the southwest tip of Matilda Inlet in tiny Gibson Marine Park. The only drawback is a soaking temperature that hovers around 77 degrees F/25 degrees C, well below the optimum range except during hot weather. If you have a little time to spare, there’s an outstanding side trip nearby. As you near the spring, an old boardwalk path branches south. The scenic route leads to a sandy beach on the south end of the island at Whitesand Cove. Tiny islands dot the ocean view, and Vargas Island is visible to the southeast across Clayoquot Sound.

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