Raft Cove Topo Map

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Located within a small coastal park, this short hike through a rugged forest of western hemlock, western red cedar, and Sitka spruce leads to the wide-open beaches of Raft Cove. For further exploring, walk the beach route along an ever-changing shoreline to view sea stacks and tidal pools. (Beach portions are best hiked at low tide.) Raft Cove is also a popular surfing destination for north Islanders. The trail begins with a series of steep stairs descending to the forest floor. Bridges and log crossings with thin bits of gripping rope are the norm on this trail. Be prepared to navigate root-infested mud holes and large, slippery nurse logs. Fancy footwork should be expected in this portion of the Quatsino rain forest. Misleading flagging may cause confusion halfway along the trail. Stick to the main path and listen for the sound of the surf pounding onto the beach. The final leg of this hike moves through a dense thicket of salal, tunneled no doubt by short individuals.

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