Upper Myra Falls Topo Map

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Suitable for the whole family, the hike to the upper cascades of the Myra River follows a relatively level path through mature forest. Highlights include the close-up view of Upper Myra Falls, and a forest punctuated by large examples of western hemlock and western red cedar that makes for a cool retreat on a hot day. The majority of rocks in Strathcona Park are igneous—rocks formed by the solidification of molten matter. Some of these include basalt (black to dark gray with a granular appearance), rhyolite (white to gray, embracing the ore deposits in the Myra Falls mine), and granite (pink to dark gray with a coarse grain). If you can get by the mine and the danger signs without balking, you will see little further evidence of human activity in the park. This trail is a light hike for a morning or afternoon outing with the whole family that passes through mature western hemlock, western red cedar, and Douglas fir. Gradual switchbacks and straightaways lead you through fallen giants, rocky crags, and wild huckleberries.

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