Eva Lake / Miller Lake / Jade Lakes Trail Topo Map

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A rolling hike from the summit of Mount Revelstoke to the glass-blue glacial waters of Miller Lake or the clear waters of Eva Lake. Climb onto the spectacular Jade Pass and look out over the green waters of upper and lower Jade Lakes. If you look at a map or read a brochure about this hike, it can be a bit deceiving. The lakes appear to be at a lower altitude than that at the trailhead—with the exception of Eva, which is 13 meters higher than the summit of Mount Revelstoke. So there you are, set to start out on a nice flat trail, but what the brochures neglect to mention is that this rolling trail climbs and falls. To get to Jade Lakes, you have to first ascend the 360 meters from Miller Lake to Jade Pass, where you can then descend 335 meters to the lakeshore—only to climb right back over the pass again for the hike home. Our advice? Any of these three destinations will be highly rewarding; however, we strongly recommend the climb to Jade Pass. You can stay there to enjoy the panoramic mountain landscape, where snow-capped peaks lie all around you for as far as you can see. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and what’s even better is that even in high season (August), you’ll likely have the pass all to yourself. You can admire the jade-green waters from this perfectly peaceful spot. It will make for one memorable day.

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