Hoodoo Creek Topo Map

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This steep, uphill climb ends with fantastic views of hoodoo formations. Pay attention to those warning signs at the trailhead. The Hoodoo Creek Trail involves one heck of a steep climb. At 2.3 kilometers you’ll reach the junction for the upper and lower lookouts. Stay left (north) here toward the upper lookout for the best view. You’ll catch your first glimpse of the hoodoos just 100 meters later. Hoodoos are simply giant pillars of sand, gravel, and other glacial debris. Because they’re protected by large boulder “caps,” which shelter them from rain and snow, they don’t erode like the sand and gravel around them—over time molding these giant pillars. You’ll travel through a cool forest lined with Douglas fir, juniper, and lodgepole pine and occasionally catch glimpses of Chancellor Peak (3,280 meters) to your right (south) through openings in the trees.

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