Centennial Loop Topo Map

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This leisurely stroll leads you through the forest along the Yoho River. This trail is perfect as a leisurely after-dinner stroll or a quick stretch break. Besides the Emerald Lake Circuit, it’s also the only other short walk in Yoho National Park that’s almost entirely flat. The trail skirts the Yoho River, which flows from the Yoho Glacier in the Wapta Icefields. Exactly how high and fast the river flows depends on how quickly the glacial ice melts. Typically, glacially fed rivers run low in the morning, with water volume peaking in the early evening, after the water travels from the glacier to the valley floor. Lined with juniper, Englemann spruce, and Douglas fir, this trail offers only limited mountain views. Just 200 meters into the trail you’ll enjoy views of Mount Field (2635 m) on your right (northwest), Mount Burgess (2,599 m) straight ahead (southwest), and Cathedral Mountain (3,189 m) on your left (south). At night alpenglow on Cathedral Mountain creates a soft orange color. Also to your left (south) you’ll see Mountain Stephen (3,199 m), on which you’ll spot several cavelike openings—remnants of old mine shafts from the Monarch mines.

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