Duplessis and Nord-du-Quebec Hiking Trails Topo Map

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The Duplessis region covers a vast remote territory bound by the Gulf of St. Lawrence for almost a 1,000km and by the Labrador border. Its small population of francophones, anglophones and Montagnais, is spread out mainly along the coast of the gulf, as well as in a few inland mining towns. This chapter also describes the wild and enchanting Torngat mountains in Nord-du-Qu├ębec tourist region. This trail guide includes hiking trails at Ile Grande Basque (Tour of the Island Trail), Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada, Monts Severson (L'Approche Trail, Du Piton Trail, De la Faille Trail, Des Cairns Trail, La Roff Trail, and Severson-Fermont Trail), Ile d'Anticosti (Fayette Brown Trail, Falaise Puyjalon Trail, Caverne a la Patate - Parc National d'Anticosti, Canyon de la Riviere Observation - Parc National d'Anticosti, Canyon and Chute Vaureal - Parc National d'Anticosti, and Cap Tunnel), and the Torngat Mountains.

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