Cantons-de-l'Est Eastern Townships Hiking Trails Topo Map

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Perhaps one of the most beautiful in Québec, the Cantonsde-l’Est (Eastern Townships) region is located in the southernmost part of the province, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Its rich architectural heritage and hilly terrain give it a quaint country feeling reminiscent of small New England towns. Between rolling valleys and rounded mountain tops lie picturesque villages characterized by their distinctly Anglo-Saxon architecture. Located about an hour's drive from Montréal, the region has become a very popular vacation spot. Winter snow makes for great skiing, and warm summer temperatures draw aquatic enthusiasts of all kinds to the lakes and rivers. People also come to the Cantons-de-l’Est for its delicious food, beautiful wine roads, numerous festivals and family activities. For many hikers, two things come to mind when they think of the Cantons-de-l’Est. First of all, there’s the blissful absence of bloodthirsty mosquitoes at the beginning of summer (June), when many other areas, such as the Laurentians, are literally swarming with these pests, which make hiking a nightmarish experience. Next, there’s the magnificent linear trail, Les Sentiers de l’Estrie, which stretches 150km from the U.S. border to the municipality of Kingsbury (zones 1 to 7). Not only can you hike for days at a time on this trail, but an incredible number of one-day outings are also possible. currently offers topo maps from the entire United States. We plan to expand our topomap database in the future, however this map is not available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.