Williams Ridge Topo Map

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4 out of 5
The Grouse Grind? It’s a walk in the park, a stroll, a dawdle! You want a steep trail? This is it! To practice for Williams Ridge, run over to the Skyride and do the Grind twice before breakfast. For the fit or for those who want to get fit, this trail is a pipe-opener as it rises from the floor of the Chilliwack River Valley to a knoll on the ridge 1400 m (4600 ft) above. If you have some technical skill and experience, keep going and climb the last 720 m (2360 ft) to the top: a fine Class 3 scramble, although not for the uninitiated! It would also add another 3 to 4 hours to your day. If you can reduce your pulse rate sufficiently to see some distance, the views from the ridge are grand.

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