Lower Grouse Mountain Topo Map

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As the population of Greater Vancouver has burgeoned, so have the trails on the lower slopes of Grouse Mountain. This area was also an accessible source of trees for the lumber industry in the early years of last century, and it is covered in a multiplicity of old roads and skid trails. There are, therefore, an almost infinite number of permutations of possible trips. The most popular hike is the Grouse Grind, a kind of high-angle social club. Other trails are more difficult to describe because of the number of name changes and switches that have occurred. The trip described here takes the old BCMC Trail to the site of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club’s (BCMC) cabin. The start of this trail is now used as part of the Baden-Powell Trail. It then follows the Larsen Trail and some of the new BCMC Trail to the Grouse Chalet. The descent takes the new BCMC Trail down to the Grind, then the Baden-Powell Trail back to your start.

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