Porcher Island Topo Map

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Porcher Island and its close environs boast four small communities. On its north coast are Humpback Bay and Hunts Inlet. On the south coast, on an island all to itself, lies the First Nations community of Kitkatla. Finally, on the east coast of Porcher is the teeming metropolis of Oona River. The extreme north end of British Columbia’s Inside Passage comprises the islands that border Chatham Sound on their east and Hecate Strait and Dixon Entrance on their west. Located only 32 km (20 mi.) south of the Alaskan border at their northernmost point, these islands are largely uninhabited and pristine. Their western coastlines are beautiful, rugged and irregular, affording shelter in small bays as well as the occasional sandy beaches. Although exposed and not for the faint of heart, islands such as Porcher, Stephens and Dundas provide some of the best paddling B.C. has to offer.

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