Enmore River and Beatons Creek and Percival Bay Topo Map

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This guide contains information on paddling Enmore River & Beatons Creek and Percival Bay. The Enmore River is a quiet and beautifully wooded river well suited to canoeing or kayaking. You can head upstream or down. The river snakes from the north to the south, where it empties into the eastern shore of Egmont Bay. It is a shallow river except for the narrow marked channel, which is only 10 feet wide. It is easy to imagine Indian settlements on the shores of the Enmore because it is so protected and serene. The bridge that crosses the river is picturesque in its heavy wooden timbers. Clearance under the bridge, even in high tide, is ample. The river is tidal, with the shifting of water direction visually dramatic when the tides change. Beatons Creek, a spur off Percival Bay, is a very inviting waterway. After launching, paddle to the right under the heavy, timbered bridge. Only one farmhouse is in sight. Otherwise there is only very lush marsh grass and hunting herons. While paddling upriver,we watched a kingfisher suspend itself like a hummingbird or a helicopter for at least seven seconds before it streaked downward into a dive to capture a fish. As you progress up the river, you will observe several eel traps.

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