Kildare and Huntley Rivers and Montrose River Topo Map

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This guide contains information on paddling Kildare and Huntley Rivers & Montrose River. Kildare and Huntley Rivers: As you’re standing on the beach and facing the water, the Huntley River forks to the left. It is heavily tree lined without any visible habitation except for a few homes built well into the wooded terrain. The river is wide, but it does not resemble the coastal rivers encountered on the Island. There is a distinct wilderness flavor to both rivers here. Montrose River: Much like the Huntley and Kildare Rivers just to the south, the Montrose River is a wonderful area to paddle. It was named for its look-alike, Montrose, Scotland, or that was what Donald McIntyre thought when he named it in 1864. The banks are lined with evergreens, and expansive hills of open grazing land form an undulating countryside. What strikes the paddler is the domed geometric scenery. The hills are dotted with some beautifully designed homes that fit into the countryside. currently offers topo maps from the entire United States. We plan to expand our topomap database in the future, however this map is not available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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