Ram Island and Courtin Island Topo Map

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This guide contains information on paddling Ram Island & Courtin Island. Ram Island: Ram Island is the closest island off the bay’s eastern shore. It is the home to thousands of cormorants that have inhabited the island for thousands of years. As you approach the island’s shore, you will see hundreds of cormorants resting on the beach. In spring, says veteran kayaker Ann Murray, eagles will attack and feast on the cormorant chicks. This must be an extraordinary sight. Several of these islands or parts of them are owned by the Island Nature Trust to ensure a safe and natural nesting place for the birds. Ram Island is a perfect destination because it is only a twenty-five-minute paddle from the mainland over water so shallow that you can actually walk out to the island at times. Pull your kayak up on the southern beach, but do not walk inland—you might step on seagull nests and into poison ivy. Courtin Island: Courtin Island, northwest of Little Coutin Island (shown on the map), is the biggest island off Malpeque’s eastern shore. It has the same characteristics as Ram Island, and it takes about an hour to paddle around its coast. As you circle the island, look for small beaches that would be perfect for a quick swim or a picnic. Because the island is large, there are definite leeward stretches that will provide a calm respite from the winds that can kick up a serious chop.

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