Henry’s Pond Topo Map

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As soon as you open your car’s door, you will hear the roar of pond water as it breaks over the fish ladder and dam. Two sentinel benches face the pond, whose banks are lined with lush cattails. Ducks abound. Don’t be alarmed at the antics of what might appear to be a desperately wounded mother duck. She will quack loudly and try to swim away in a half swim and half aborted effort to fly—a broken wing preventing her from becoming fully airborne. You can smile without pity, for the duck’s movements are calculated to catch your attention. For a real show, move your eyes away from the mother onto the banks of the pond where the high grass grows. There, with the help of binoculars, you will no doubt spot her ducklings trying to hide from sight, dutifully obeying the admonitions of their mother. Proceed past the “poor” mother duck and watch how quickly she recovers from her injury. When she feels it’s safe to do so, she will double back and rejoin her ducklings.

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