Hillsborough Topo Map

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Hillsborough is situated on the west bank of the Petitcodiac River, approximately 14 miles south of downtown Moncton. The course is set in a former gypsum mining area and is renowned for its treacherous, brilliant-white surface and random sinkholes. The 5.6-mile course outlined here basically follows the outer limits of the quarry and represents about half of the bikable trails here. It begins at the typical starting point of the race, in the "pit area," and continues on double and singletrack trails that wind up and down short hills, around and through the main mining area. These trails demand excellent bike handling skills, as the gypsum offers little in the way of traction and is very unforgiving in a wipeout situation - just thinking about it is discomforting. Nonetheless, local riders love to train here because they get an excellent workout.

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