Helm Creek Trail Topo Map

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This trail is located south of Whistler. This 11.4 km (6.84 miles) out-and-back ride offers some of the sweetest singletrack in Whistler. It's easy, fast, smooth, and a great break from the challenging riding that is de rigueur in the area. With the exception of a few loose rock sections, this is a trail for riders of all levels. Beginning along Westside Main Road, the ride parallels the road through some winding singletrack with high quality bridges. The marshy water beneath the bridges is ideal for the growth of skunk cabbage, a wonder of west coast forests. With leaves up to 1.5 m (4.5 feet) in length, they are easily identifiable. After a short stint on the gravel of Westside Main Road again, the trail leaves the gravel behind and rolls on wide singletrack, where you can scream along in high gear and forget the slow grind up trails like Black Tusk and Microwave Hill.

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