A River Runs Through It Topo Map

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4 out of 5
This trail is located in Whistler. This well-designed and challenging 3.32 km (1.99 miles) loop is a wonderful place to play on a variety of obstacles with soft landing sand only moderate difficulty. It was designed by the Whistler Off-Road Cycle Association and includes a teeter totter, plenty of log pyramids, a log designed to be ridden lengthwise, and one of the most challenging river crossings in the area. Though it is in a sensitive area, it has very little change in elevation, and most of the area is a carpet of moss and needles. This lack of hard surfaces, with the exception of a forest of immovable trees, allows you to relax a little, take some risks, and not worry about a mistake carrying you off the edge of a cliff. This confidence boost makes it a great place for solid intermediate riders to increase their skills. Beginners should ride elsewhere until they have more experience with negotiating pyramids and crossing downed logs. Many of the obstacles offer bypass options, or, in some cases, smaller obstacles beside larger ones, again allowing you to decide the final level of difficulty.

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