Golden Ears Park -- Alouette Mountain / Switchback / Eric Dunning Loop Topo Map

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This trail is located in Golden Ears Provincial Park. This trail incorporates parts of the Alouette Mountain Fire Access Trail and then drops down on the Switchback Trail, followed by the Eric Dunning Trail. A short road roll brings you back to your car at kilometer 8.75 (mile 5.25). The descent down Switchback and Eric Dunning Trails is steep and steady, but it presents one of the best opportunities for riders looking to improve their skills at negotiating steep switchbacks and other sudden obstacles. Although challenging, it is passable by most solid intermediate riders. Be prepared for a bruise or two if you don't make a corner, but once you've done it once, you may find yourself doing it again and again. currently offers topo maps from the entire United States. We plan to expand our topomap database in the future, however this map is not available at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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